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How to start selling your assembled products in online classifieds within 15 minutes?

The entire process of listing or adding the advertisement of your assembled products in a classified website includes few easy and convenient steps. The process requires attention to details, while being followed. Check the below mentioned guidelines in order to successfully place advertisement for your product in a classified website.

First and foremost, to sell products in a classified website, you need to register on the website. The online registration form would expect the prospective sellers to provide few details for verification and identification purposes. Make sure to provide accurate information while registering for the classified website as this will enable you to enjoy uninterrupted services from the platform. Read all the questions thoroughly and provide precise answers.

Create Ad Under Proper Category
After successfully registering with the online classified portal and acquiring the registration code or number, the next step would be to create advertisement under proper category. This has to be done by keeping the type, nature and application of your product or equipment (to be sold) in mind. It is important to select the most apt category for listing the advertisement for your product as this would make the buyers easy to locate your products under the accurate categories.

Select Proper Subcategory
Once done with deciding the proper category for your product or equipment, the next important step is to select and finalize the proper subcategory for the advertisement to be listed. This will further help your targeted buyers to focus on their requirements. The subcategories narrow down the search results and make it easier for the buyers to find the equipment they require to buy. Proper selection of categories and subcategories before listing the product advertisements systematizes the entire process of finding the exact products by the buyers.

Fill in Details
The next crucial step is to provide elaborate and informative details about the products or equipment that you intend to sell off. The following points can be mentioned in this section:

  • Name and type of product
  • Materials used in construction
  • Application and usages
  • Original date of purchase
  • Specifications
  • Mode to operate
  • Presence of any defects (if any)
  • Any precaution regarding handling

It is always expected to provide accurate and precise details about the products to maintain transparency and better business deals.

Upload proper Picture One of the most effective ways to attract buyers to buy aggregate products in a classified is to upload proper pictures of your equipment. This way, buyers would have a clear and comprehensible idea of the equipment/tools and would be able to relate to the same according to their requirement. However, it is always advisable to put up real pictures of only those products which are being listed in the category. Wrong portrayal of product images may lead to breach of trust and loss for both the buyer and the seller.

Design Your Advertisement
Designing the advertisement include writing an interesting copy for the advertisement and adding a catchy headline to your ad in order to raise enthusiasm in the readers' minds. It may also mean that as a seller of your product, you can be creative in designing the ad within limited space with the help of pictures, words and information.

Place It
On completing all the above mentioned steps, the last and the most crucial step is to place your advertisement successfully in the required space. Make sure to provide your name, contact number and other information like e-mail ids, right time to contact, and product code number etc. This will enable the purchasers to get in touch with you easily.

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